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ISR members regularly provide interviews and public lectures on the  northern lights, space research, and "rocket science". These can be directed to any level, from elementary school to general  public.    Please contact individuals regarding projects that interest you (see personnel page), or send an e-mail to  isr@isr.ucalgary.ca.

Latest :

JOULE-II was launched successfully on January 19, 2007

ISR activities have been featured in over 100 newspaper and magazine articles and radio and television programs since 2000. Some examples:

Legion Magazine : Celebrating Canada, Capturing The Light Fantastic

The THEMIS cameras or all-sky imagers form an array that covers a lot more area of the northern sky with better time resolution than has ever been achieved before.

Canadian Geographic
À la carte : Auroral inquest

Canadians are leading one of the largest imaging projects ever launched to probe the mystery of what triggers the northern lights.

"Rocketing into the Aurora", Canadian Geographic, p.54, March/April 2001

"The GEODESIC suborbital rocket flight", Spaceflight, 43 (6), p.251,  June 2001